Spontaneously Adopting a Cat: A Love Story

My best friend Jackie is a animal finder. She’s like cinderella really, animals (especially cats) just come out of nowhere and she takes them in and they help her get dressed in the morning. Okay, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but her mom does live in the country and there is the occasional barn cat wandering around. About a year ago my best friend adopted one of these strays as her own- Henry-and he’s the cutest little thing you ever did see. Seriously, he’s adorable:




So a year after falling in love with her little critter and about two months after I had moved into to a new apartment, Jackie sent me a snapchat of another kitten who had shown up on her mama’s porch. She was a 3 month old girl who looked really similar to Henry (we’re convinced they’re half siblings.). About a day and a half later she was driving the furball down to me and I was shopping for cat toys and litter boxes.

IMG_2144 IMG_2151

It was probably one of the fastest decisions I’ve ever made and I’m not too sure why. When I was younger my nanny owned a pet store and I spent a lot of time there.I always said ‘when i grow up I’ll live with with 4 cats and 3 dogs…’ and would cry whenever I had to say goodbye to one of the kittens I was SURE that we could afford to fit into our family. Now I’m 22 with my own place and making snap decisions about responsibilities that last a really long time.

IMG_3069Its a month later and Luna is 4 months old. She follows me around the apartment and fetches and has her bat shit crazy moments (usually at night when I’m trying to sleep). She also cuddles and likes sitting on the window sill and has become best friends with my roommate who despises cats. She’s adorable and I’m officially a crazy cat lady who takes way to many snapchats of her.

Snap decisions, gut feelings- they’re good things because in my opinion, everything is figureoutable. Especially when it comes to love and best friends and cats and being 22.



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