Heavy Love


Theres so much to learn. So much. But its excited learning. Its open learning. Its real engaging thrown-in-deep-and-still-swimming learning. The kind i’ve missed throughout my university experience. University learning seemed so hollow to me- not useless and not unimportant, simply hollow. I am grateful to have been able to attend university and continue my education. I’m proud of my degree- I am. It shows perseverance and hard work and commitment.  However, the learning, for me, was empty- just facts on a page, just books to add to your ‘i read that’ list. There were of course some classes, some teachers, who breathed life into things but it was a very different kind of learning. One that i’m still not sure if I fit into just right.

This learning is heavy in a good way. It’s full. Full of practicality and life and history and literature and all the things I spent so much time on in school but was never REALLY taught. It’s connected and conscious and I can’t say enough how much I love love love this learning. These moments. This choice.


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