There are no mistakes

After my chaotic day yesterday (I had my teaching evaluation, my students were all over the place- one class silent, one class quite wild-  & my mac laptop charger was split in two ) I was quite happy to find my mat sitting waiting for me. I rolled it out and laid there and tried to do my daily meditation for my yoga teacher training. I couldn’t focus, my mind jumped everywhere, all over the place, around in circles. No peace. No winding down. I decided I needed some guidance, something to focus on- so I pulled an oracle card. This is the magic that came to me:


I don’t know what my purpose is. I don’t. If I’m meant to heal, I think i’ve done a fairly inconsistent job of it. Mostly because I have to get there myself. But this is not exactly the point is it? The point is that it all adds up somewhere down the line. It all makes sense. The chaos, the uncertainty, the long days- they bring us closer to PURPOSE. To knowing what we are meant to do.

There are no mistakes.

Today I woke up with all the heaviness I’d been carrying stripped away. I taught how I wanted. I gave in to the uncertainty of planning and magic and taught what they needed to know- in the way I knew it. I planned little and gave more.

And it was such a good day.

Teaching is as much of a journey as learning was for me and its all unfolding exactly as it should.



2 thoughts on “There are no mistakes

  1. Like your style Katie. I am a B Ed (not many of us out there anymore) and also a 200hr Yoga Teacher. Just getting into posting, not yet blogging. Your use of cards is great idea for a class focus. Keep inspiring (an oldy like me)


    1. Really?!? Oh thats wonderful! I’d love to follow your journey as well!! Please post lots! 🙂 And thank you so much! Yes the cards are definitely a good focus point when things start to get overwhelming.


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