My First Love

LOVE: [luhv] n. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection.

Here I am, 22 years old and still holding the same love for travel as I did many years ago. All my life travel has been my number 1, my first love- the thing I dream of at night and think about more than once everyday.It is a deep and personal attachment to seeing the world which has sewn itself into the very fibres of my heart.

It all started with car trips. Anywhere. With disney tapes or radio songs or a ‘Rent: the soundtrack’ CD (that was played over and over and over until I’m sure my father wanted to throw it out the window and scream ‘No you cannot sing ‘La Vie Bohem’ AGAIN!’). From a 4 hour car trip to visit my grandma at Christmas to an 8 hour car trip to Maine for our family vacation to a three day car trip to Disney- I loved them all.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 7.05.05 PM

The in between of travel was and always has been so peaceful for me- nothing to do but sit and be with yourself for however many hours. This is the way I felt on my first ever flight, which was to England to look at houses for my parents and little brother to move in to. I remember the nervousness of lifting into the air and then everything melting away. Anything that were to go wrong would and I would be okay on some level. Peaceful. At ease. Entirely in touch with the moment. I am never more calm and serene than when I am on a plane, train or car ride. Its as if reality suspends and I am entirely myself.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 7.04.50 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-06 at 7.04.21 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 7.03.59 PM
(The shark dive cage in the middle of the pacific ocean that Andrew and I were in)

And theres the getting there. This is the noise and commotion part of life that I need just as much as the peaceful bit. Whether landing in England or Hawaii or driving up to the ocean in Maine or walking through the doors at Disney- the excitement and gratitude is always SO immense and powerful, even when I was young. I cannot tell you the gratitude and sheer joy I felt going to Disney for the first time. Seeing the hotel room and feeling the heat of Florida and palm trees- god I love palm trees. I encourage anyone to argue with me that travel is one of the main aspects of life that will make you infinitely grateful. I remember putting my feet in the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii 2 years ago for the very first time and nearly breaking down into tears wanting to scream THANK YOU over and over at the top of my lungs.  All the history. All the life that lives in those small moments of travel expand the heart and make it burst- this is purpose, this is LOVE.

I am reminded of the deepness of this ‘first love’ because I’m planning a lot of travel lately. Come March I am planning on being in the Bahamas for a month. I am also planning trips with my mom and a road trip across Canada and the U.S.A with my best friend as well. I’ve felt as if university has kept my feet
Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 7.19.23 PMon the ground FAR too long (5 years now), and while I’ve travelled while completing my degrees (3 trips to the U.K and one to Hawaii) I am so ready to take my head out of the university books and put my bare feet on the world.

But dreams are only dreams if there is no planning- so for now, I work and I plan and I renew my passport.


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