The beginning and the end

Its been a busy week and a half. I started my first full unit (teaching Othello, which is pure love for me :)) and have been battling the planning and magic battle once again. I’m almost a full Act behind in my schedule but am LOVING how engaged tIMG_4727he students are with the material. I don’t want to speed up only to lose the comprehension piece! So, slow and steady it is.

I’m just starting to feel at home in my teaching practice and my practicum will be over in less than a week and a half. I personally really really believe from the bottom of my heart that completing a bachelor of education should be 95% practicum and 5% university class. I have learned more about myself and teaching in this practicum than I EVER did in a university class about teaching. Please let me stay! I really do feel like I am just getting started.

IMG_4983I have also created a Teachers Pay Teachers account to get feedback on my lesson resources. Please leave suggestions as I am growing and wish to know how to create better units, handouts and activities that will be functional in a classroom!! (also please help me feed myself and my cat if you are in need of new and fresh resources! 🙂 )

Have a wonderful rest of the week and congrats on making it to Wednesday! xx


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