Well thats it. I’m done my prac. Done my first 6 weeks of being an english teacher and going back to (dreaded) school. I can’t explain how much i’m going to miss my host teachers and the staff as well as the school itself. I really started to feel like part of the community and then BAM prac was over!I’ll even miss the gorgeous hour long commute- car pool to the school. Mornings are hard but I love car rides.


Mostly I will miss my students. I know i’m going to continue thinking “oh! so-and-so would love this book!”. I’ll miss all their teenage quirks and all the brilliant things they say about Shakespeare texts that just HAVE to be writIMG_5520.JPGten down. (Othello needs a nap and a nyquil has to be my favourite academic comment on the play ever.) I got cards and hugs and love and i’m pretty convinced its the best school on the planet earth. I’m excited to go back in February!

So with prac done, its time to start a new chapter. These next 4 weeks are made for group projects, scholarship applications and CHRISTMAS. It my favourite, most wonderful time of the year! I have to be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to it this year- I’ve really had enough of the cold and last winter I SWORE I wouldn’t be able to make it through another one. However now that it’s almost December the coin in my brain has flipped and i’m currently waiting by the window for my winter wonderland to show up (and then swiftly LEAVE after Dec 26th). This will also be my first Christmas in my own place- one where I get a tree and decorate and bake, all those things that my family did for so many years and I was so grateful for. I’m looking forward to it all, however I’ll be missing my Mum and Pops and not-so-little brother. Partly because when we do Christmas, we do it well, and also because I love them and would love to be with them everyday.

Anyways, to the next chapter- may you be as WONDERFUL as the last!


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