2015: The year of CHANGE and CHOICE

Yesterday I was looking at an instagram prompt for a ‘challenge’ i’m doing (december reflections by Susannah Conway). The prompt was “the best decision I made in 2015…” and I couldn’t come up with just one choice. SO I thought I’d fully write about it instead. So here is 2015, a year in review.

First of all i’d like to put on record t3c92aba3b7631b750076afb3f700389f.jpghat I am a lover of choices. They’re not easy, mostly because they are monumental in the way they function. Every single thing you do, or don’t do, is a choice.  Yes, of course things happen, awful things that you have no control over and no, i’m not saying people who are ill choose to be ill or anything of that nature- I believe in other things just as much as choice, like karma and destiny and love and all those ‘hippie’ things. But choice is so concrete- its something you can analyze and learn from- not in shame but with compassion for the yourself and the journey.

2015 was the year of CHANGE and CHOICE (because where theres one, the other follows)

  1. Completing my B.A : an ongoing choice that resulted in change. After 4 years of choosing to go back to a routine I didn’t necessarily love, I had the piece of paper. The next choice came at graduation time- do I go, oIMG_0442.jpgr do I work. I chose to not go to my university graduation. And I know what you are all thinking- how could you not go to graduation, you spent 4 YEARS there!?!? I decided that I was closing the book, not just turning the page. Which I know sounds harsh, but I truly never felt like I necessarily ‘fit’ with university academia. I LOVE my major ( English Lit) and I wouldn’t trade all the reading and learning about classics and plays and novels and poems I did for the world, and I also LOVE the memories I made there but university lacked creativity- it lacked passion for me really.I can hand in papers and get good grades, but why does that really matter? In my mind, commencement of my time there and my degree had already happened- the change was done, so the choice was to begin my new job and look toward a different change.
  2. Moving:  Moving into this apartment was an interesting swirl of IMG_8424.jpgevents. I knew I wanted this place for the moment I stepped into
    it and so did my roommates. Choice was NOT drawn out. The change was. It took forever to ‘lock it down’ but after multiple phone calls, we were moving. I’m so grateful for this place and the changes it has brought already.
  3. Yoga Teacher Training:  After moving in I started to look at the yoga studios in town. Finishing my B.A I was really ready for my ‘life to start’ and I felt so stuck in my B.Ed ( after 4 years of drawn out uni I was IMG_1984.jpgjumping into another year since I signed on for the concurrent ed program in first year!). I’ve always wanted to teach, I simply felt and still feel at times (unless i’m actually in a classroom on PRAC) disillusioned by school. SO I began to look to other options. I truthfully thought I would drop out of uni- I didn’t think I would start my B.Ed. I found a great YTT program that spanned over the whole year and with a teacher I felt I sort of gelled with. And that was that. You can have it all, you can do it all. I thought if I were going to get this degree, I needed SOMETHING that would balance me out, and I found the perfect thing. I don’t know what will come of either teaching certification but I’m really happy that come May I’ll be able to explore that myself!
  4. Luna Bell: I made a snap choice in August to adopt a stray cat that IMG_2124.jpgwill surely continue to change my life for the next 20 years. This may have been my best decision….Its a tie between Lu and YTT. SO much love. SO many cuddles. SO many times i’ve rolled my eyes and thought ‘ WHY are you doing that’. I love her.

I know a lot of people who had 2015 bring change and choice. 2016 will probably involve some as well, however I’d love some adventure and exploration. Those are the things I am manifesting for 2016! What are you looking towards?


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