On Goals and Resolutions

I’ve been doing a lot of work on 2016 and what I want from it/ can give to it. This is the time of year when everyone is idealistic and hopeful and goal oriented and I love it. However, it can be a bit damaging- theres a lot of shame and guilt and insecurity that goes along with creating new goals. Last year, my goals were either really utilitarian (move, get a job, get through school, pay bills on time) or really rooted in shame (you didn’t do this enough, you could be a better human if you did this). I was reading all these goals and ‘dreams’ for my life in 2015 and I realized that it didn’t truly matter how I felt while accomplishing these dreams- it was simply about accomplishing them. So when dreams fell through, or when I ended up feeling really stuck and lost this summer, all I really felt was shame and guilt that I wasn’t checking my own boxes.

Life isn’t about setting a goal and feeling like a failure when it doesn’t reach its ‘full potential'(which is all an illusion anyway, amiright?). Its about setting a goal rooted in the why & how- why do I want to accomplish this, how will I feel while I am accomplishing it ( NOT when its done- everyone feels good checking a box, the journey IS the destination!)?

I’m focusing on achievable, soul enriching goals this year. Things that I will do because they make me FEEL good. There will be no time constraints, no amount of times a week I should dedicate to them. I will accomplish them when I accomplish them, with no pressure and no shame. They will not be a specific size to shrink or grow to, they will not be a certain amount of yoga poses to fit into. They will not be tailored to a certain kind of food or diet and they will NOT hold me to any expectations other than to love myself. 


Seek adventure in both the smallest and the biggest of ways.

Create art that feeds your soul and brings you peace of mind.

Move the way your body&mind want to move

Find inspiration, passion, happiness, or creativity and follow it, despite your doubts or their practicality. 

So there we go. Lets see how the journey unfolds!


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