2016:Online Dating my Travel Destinations

It is February and winter is here in full snowy, blustery, face chilling force. On my down time between work, yoga teacher training, school projects and preparing for my next practicums I am PLANNING. and DREAMING. and WISHING. and HOPING.

By April, I will be done all academic studies. Ever. Like done done. Like, maybe i’ll come back sometime in my 50s but certainly not ANYTIME soon kind of done. This is the MOST exciting thing to me. I have been waiting for this day since year two when I started questioning myself in university. I needed a ‘find yourself’ kind of year and instead waited for a ‘find yourself’ kind of life. April, in a small ( and very dramatic) sense, is my rebirth. It’s the time to stop glorifying being ‘busy’ and do things that are PRODUCTIVE to my happiness.

Starting with travel dreams. I’m still only 22, you see, and have that wanderlust bug that all early 20 year olds in my generation seem to catch. Its an airborne, viral sort of thing I think.

Here are the top 5 places and spots I am thoroughly, completely, online dating type of in love with (because for some of them, we’ve never met but they sure look great & I can totally picture our future together).


Que me dancing around to Scott McKenzie’s “San Francisco (be sure to wear flowers in your hair)” and saying “I’m in love and don’t care who knows it!”. San Francisco’s dating profile reads like a colourful, adventurous, granola crunching, toe ring wearing, gonna love ya and leave ya kind of destination.  Right up my ally. My best friend and I have been planning a road trip, in which we end up here and get tattoos (or just I get a tattoo and she gets my company). All the markets, all the painted houses, all the hippies and bookstores a girl could ever ask for.

2. GREECE Greek-City-At-Night.jpg

I want to do this one with my blue and white Mama. It is our mother daughter getaway. truthfully any beach destination would work but Greece offers her spirit colours- blue and white. And greek yoghurt with honey.



This one has been on my list since I didn’t get to go on a school trip in grade 9. It was heartbreaking and Costa Rica has been on my mind ever since. This is a trip where I bring no bras & no make up. Where everything is how it was created and I fall deeply in love and never ever want to leave.



Ahhhhh Hawaii. I went to Oahu 2 years ago and August of 2016 is the time to hit 2 more islands with my boyfriend and his family! Tickets are booked and I am READY. Hawaii really speaks to my inner Anne-Marie from Blue Crush (obviously) and this time I think some surfing is in order. Last time we swam with sharks and it was UNBELIEVABLE. Plus the food was so good and the beaches were beautiful and I saw sea turtles…. I could go on forever.



Now, I’ve made a pact with myself that every time I create my travel dreams for the year I will add a new Canadian place I have never been. I have never been west Canada and Lake Louise is like, my numero uno. Calm, serene, mountainous Lake Louise. I’ll be all cozy in cabin sweater sipping a coffee over looking the lake… Isn’t that just the perfect picture? Doesn’t it just scream CANADA? I think so.

As I flip through their little profiles I fall more and more in love. My heart is warm and happy and I feel like I can get through the next few months.

After all, February is the month for warm fuzzy feelings.


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