3 Step Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish

My roommate left for prac and she also left her blueberries. What’s a girl to do?

These were thrown together as an easy breakfast grab mornings for the week. As it turned out, I ate them all within a day and a half so clearly patience is not a virtue I possess. Hunger is.

You’ll need:

1 case of blueberries

1/2 a brick (or tub) or spreadable cream cheese

2/3 cup Sugar

1/2 tbsp vanilla extract

1 sheet of butter pastry dough

  1. Wash your blueies (thats what my family calls them) and set them aside. In a bowl cream the sugar, cream cheese and vanilla togetherIMG_2670.jpeg
  2. Roll out your pastry dough with flour on the bottom as well as on your rolling pin. Cut it into the size pastry you are envisioning.IMG_8736.jpeg
  3. Place a dollop of cream cheese mixture in the center of a square and spread throughout the middle. Fold all the edges over. Place blueberries on top of cream cheese! IMG_5250.jpeg

AND THATS ALL. I added coconut on top because I’m addicted. Of course you could make it flakier and fancier if you egg wash the dough blah  blah blah but whos got the time. Not I. IMG_8222.jpeg


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