I have always loved art- whether its colouring or painting or simply colour coding files (it counts.). One of my ‘new years resolutions’ was to “Create art that feeds the soul and brings peace of mind” and truthfully just the idea of taking an hour to sit down with some music and create something (it doesn’t have to be ‘good’ or ‘beautiful’!) feeds the soul AND cultivates peace! I think the ‘resolution’ should be changed to just DO MORE CREATIVE.

This mini activity only took 1/2 an hour AND was super cheap AND created some peace of mind.IMG_7808.jpg


  • Watercolour pencils
  • Small canvas (dollar store)
  • 1 flat paint brush
  • acrylic paints ( I bought a pack at Michael’s, but the dollar store sells them too)
  • COFFEE 🙂 (for your own enjoyment)


  1. Start with the water colour base. Simply colour the water colour pencil over theIMG_7809.jpg canvas.Wet the brush and paint over. The more water, the fainter the colouring. When you’re done, let it dry for 5 minutes.
  2. Pick a quote or saying and paint it on over the watercolour in whatever colour acrylic paint you choose. Let dry
  3. Add some detail.


Luna got right into it too!



Voila! Simple, fun and de-stressing. Happy painting!



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