Travel Essentials

Whenever I’m getting on a bus or train lately (which is usually about once a month… these days its about twice a week!) I’ve been finding I HAVE to have certain things with me. So much so, that my purse just won’t cut it. I’ve been travelling with my ‘teacher bag’ to accommodate all these essentials. And I know what you’re going to say, “but Katie! What about the yoga!?  Aparigraha!? Non-coveting!” Truth be told, I don’t necessarily NEED these things like I would my wallet or coat, but they certainly make the trip more enjoyable! And I’m all for joy.

Road & Train Travel Essentials:

  • Gum/Mints/ Chocolate/ Snack: This week I’ve had chocolate covered pomegranates for my bus rides/ car rides.
  • Essential oil: GROUNDING: When it comes to travel my friends and boyfriend will all tell you that my energy gets pretty ‘pitta’. My brain moves through a million lists at once, I get panicky about being at the bus/airport/station on time- and its not the world is ending kind of panicky, its an annoying check list kind of panicky. Do we have everything? Is the door locked? The tickets are non-refundable so we gotta make it on time. My mum bought me a grounding oil for Christmas (look for sandalwood, frankincense, Patchouli or Oak Moss) and it actually really does help. The check list is still there, but the scent is calming so I’m more at ease with checking off the lists! 
  • Rose Water: Also pitta balancing and cooling! Spray on my face if I’m feeling tired or out of whack. Its also great for the skin! 
  • Chapstick: I’m a blistex addict. Seriously, I love it. 
  • Book or Notebook: I always travel with a book or a note book for writing.
  • Glasses/ Sunglasses: To know where I’m going.
  • Iphone charger: I need my phone.
  • Headphones
  • Music: ALWAYS a must. 99% of the time I’m listening to a playlist when I travel. I need tunes. Spotify is my one true love

Also, something I learned last year: I am a flip flop wearer. Always. I HATE being stuck in shoes/socks for hours at a time. I find it really uncomfortable. However, the downfall to flip flops- THEY BREAK. On the way to Hawaii last year I wore flip flops for the flight from Calgary to Oahu and the ‘thong’ part that goes between the toes snapped. Lets just say moving through an airport customs and waiting for your luggage to arrive to switch out your shoes is nothing less than quite hilarious. Avoid hopping on one foot and bring extra sandals in your carry on!!

Long Flight Essentials: 

  • Collapsible water bottle: REFILL over and over and over.
  • Big sweater
  • Anti-Puff/ Dark Circle Under Eye Roller: I have dark circles under my eyes pretty much all the time but I find the Garnier under eye roller is really cooling. I don’t know if it actually makes a difference in my ‘looks’ but it sure feels great. And its skinny and travel sizey
  • Mini toothbrush & toothpaste: Honestly, your seat mate will thank you.
  • Ipad with pre-loaded magazines: I order all my yoga magazines on my Ipad which saves space & paper. Plus you can put games on there that won’t need internet connection
  • Either hand sanitizer or sanitizer wipes: Because while I’m sure air plane bathrooms have come a long way, there’s a lot going on in there.
  • Immune Support Tea: Especially for night flights. zzzzzzzzzz




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