Atha Yogah Nushasanam

Now (that the student is ready) the inquiry into yoga begins…

Yesterday was my graduation. Friday was my graduation. This weekend I have completed two teacher training programs, one university degree and one ytt. I find myself so grateful for the teachers around me. My friends, my family, the students among me, the teachers who spill with knowledge and I am ever so in awe of.

I thought this first sutra was about myself back in august, applying for my yoga teacher training and having my interview. Sitting with Mona on the couch and talking about why yoga was so important to me. I thought it was something that would only happen once, that the moment I was ready and began my training was the first Sutra that I had ‘checked off’ (thanks pitta…).

I see it within myself now, more than ever before. I feel more like a student of yoga, now, than I could have ever imagined in my life. This is my home. Yoga is my home. And this is why I will teach and what I will teach. But this is where the Sutra comes back, NOW I am ready to inquire into the puzzle pieces of union. How will I unify (yoga) all the strands of teaching, all the strands of love. This, I am a student of again. These nows, these moments, they are not boxes to check off and say goodbye to, they are moments that will arise and fall over and over like thoughts in meditation. We are never done.

Studentship never ends and I think thats important to teach our students, no matter what they are learning or how old they are. Studentship never ever ends. We are always learning. We are always teaching.

I am eternally grateful to all the educators in my life. To all the students in my life. To life.


Ceremony circle of goddesses in white
This is the card the universe wanted me to have for graduation. Life long learner. Life long teacher.
Full of gratitude and love for my incredible teacher Mona
The beautiful group!




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