Field Trip Festival: Toronto, ON

This past weekend was Field Trip Fest, a family friendly music & arts festival in Toronto. My best girls and I went for the Saturday of the festival to see The National and Boy & Bear play, sit in the sun and check out all the awesome vendors.


Before Boy & Bear started playing we walked around the festival grounds taking in all the awesome tents. We were amazed by the 2 week temporary tattoos ( Ink Box Tattoos ) vendors and absolutely in awe of the beautiful jewelry that I will most definitely be staring at and probably buying on etsy by : Fierce Deer . We also stopped at the Malibu hut for some dancing juice and funky flamingo & pineapple straws. IMG_8044groupshot

What surprised us most is how truly family friendly it was. Kids of all ages dancing and hoola-hooping and running through photos!! It seemed like it would’ve been a dream to go to a festival like this as a kid, but really we’re all just big kids anyways.


We had a heavy food truck dinner of poutine which weighed us down so much that we left the festival grounds to go get a coffee and some energy. We also went back to my friend’s apartment to change into jeans and sweaters because, as Canadians we are very aware that when the sun disappears, it tends to get chilly. Warm and caffeinated, we made our way back to the festival grounds where the trees had been lit up and the sky was turning a peaceful purpley/blue.


Also, if anyone out there ever has the chance to go see The National play live- do it. They were absolutely incredible. I felt my chest crack wide open when the played “England”- I’ve never screamed lyrics so loud through sobs. It was absolute magic.



Thanks Field Trip Festival for putting together such an awesome event & to my girls for being always making it all an adventure.

Summer is officially here!


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