Lettuce Wrapped Love

One time this spring I was telling Andrew about how much I was craving the lettuce wraps we had from P.F Changs while we were in Hawaii two years ago, and just like that he bought the ingredients and made them! The other night he made them again and I’m always surprised at how easy & ahmaazingly good they are.They can be made vegetarian as well by substituting for tofu or ‘veggie’ ground beef.

The best part? They’re great for those of you out there without an air conditioner. Now that its summer, we tend to sweat in our apartment- a lot. Since the meat is cooked on a low heat and cooks pretty fast, its a good meal that doesn’t get the house too HOT!


  1. Soy sauce
  2. Ground Turkey, Beef or Chicken – we used Turkey last time and it was yummy.
  3. Peanuts-we bought salted…but the soy sauce is already pretty salty so decide at your own risk (I love salt x1000)
  4. Water Chestnuts
  5. Head of Lettuce
  6. Peppers
  7. Garlic
  8. Anything else in your fridge you want to add

I’m not a huge fan of cooking meat so Andrew cooks the turkey on low/med in a little bit of soy sauce with the peanuts/ garlic/ peppers/ water chestnuts. I wash the lettuce (it’s a big job, I know). And viola, supper in less than 15 minutes. 


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