Saturday DIY: Upcycling T-Shirts for Under $4

I’m a huge fan of up cycling old t-shirts- you know, cutting them up in weird patterns or tye dyeing them until I love them again. A few days ago I had seen this adorable tank top with a saying that totally jived with me…the catch? I have way too many clothes. My laundry basket can be full and I still have a closet bursting. In the name of saving money and space I found an old t shirt I hadn’t worn in a long time and decided to upcycle it.(Here is the link to the original t shirt also, in case you simply wan’t to buy it! )

Here is what I used:

  1. Iron on transfer paper from the DollarStore
  2. Black Sharpie
  3. Iron

Stevie1Thats all! I used Word to write out the letters for tracing however you can actually print right on the iron on paper. My printer isn’t working so I opted to draw all my own letters which, I’ll be honest, took some time. Also, I made the mistake of drawing them all backwards first, thinking the transfer side was on the back. You don’t need to draw them backwards!!! The back of the paper is the adhesive- what you draw is directly what will apply to the t-shirt. Did I feel like Karen in Mean Girls applying the ‘K’ in the mirror? Yes. Don’t make my mistakes. 🙂Stevie2

After drawing and colouring the letters they will need to be individually cut out. I did this simply with kitchen scissors, though if you have a criket cutter I’m sure it would look even more amazing (those small areas ain’t easy folks!) Once the letters are cut you can heat up your iron and start to peel the backings off. They’ll start to curl with the backings off so I only did one or two letters at a time. I only set my iron to it’s lowest heat (for fear of burning the house down). Initially I covered the letters with a towel and held the iron down for 10 or 15 seconds. Then I removed the towel and went over the letters with just the iron focusing specifically and the edges on the letters.Stevie4

All in all it took me maybe 3 hours and under 4 dollars. I’m pretty amazed! You can go the simple route and spend a bit more money on pre made iron on letters-but I went with the shortest bus ride and cheapest budget.  And of course I listened to Stevie while creating…I could listen to her all day. Stevie3

If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment!


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