Travel Guide: Kauai In A Day!

The very first day we were in Kauai we had such a funny flip of a day. Originally we were booked to do a tubing adventure on a very long lazy river, but with the amount of rain the river was flooded. The adventure was canceled and from there- our day took off!

Kauai is fairly easy to travel in as there is one highway that hits all the major towns & sites on the island. The only catch is the winding roads, jungle & chickens that occasionally cross the road (why? I’m guessing to get to the other side!). We started out going to Wailea Falls which were mind blowing. The clay filled water was gushing over the ridge furiously due to the storm the night before. It looked like a scene out of Jurassic park. Andrew and I were just waiting for a raptor to walk out of the trees (it didn’t happen). The stop was quick, a few pictures and some gawking and that was it. If you’re looking for a really simple waterfall to find and a spectacular one to see- this is it! WAILEAWATERFALLWAILEAWATERFALLLOVE

Next we made our way to Poipu Beach for some lunch and a dip in the ocean. It was my first dip in the ocean since arriving on the island and I have to say, salt water is basically magic. The cool thing about the beach was that we got to see a Hawaiian Monk Seal sleeping in the sun!


Being that we were already on the south side of the island, we decided to make our way to Waimea canyon. The south side of the island is dryer and the earth is a red clay making it appear very dessert like. Theres even big cactuses! The canyon is absolutely massive at 3,000 ft deep, keeping this in mind there is  big trek your car has to go through to get to the top. I will say that I did get a little car sick because of the insanely crazy roads. The twist and turn all the way up the mountain and looking out the window you can see that you are literally driving on the edge of a cliff! The twists and turns aren’t mild either, they are sharp and the roads are tiny for two cars to fit through! The view is incredibly worth it though, so much so that I wasn’t sure if I was staring at a picture. My camera just couldn’t seem to do it justice. Within the mountains you could see waterfalls flowing in the distance making me wonder how big they would be if I were up close. WAIMEACANYON1WAIMEACANYON2WAIMEACANYON3WAIMEACANYON4

On the way back from the canyon we stopped at Kauai Coffee Company. Andrew & his parents aren’t die hard coffee sippers like me but we all found we were completely amazed at how large the coffee farm was. As you continue on down the highway all you can see are coffee bean trees for a long long ways! If you’re on the south shore I definitely recommend you check it out as a mid day pick me up. Theres free coffee tasting of all their delicious coffees. I fell head over heals for their ‘Toasty Banana Nut Cream’ coffee and am sipping it now as I write!  There is also a small museum, but lets be real, the coffee is what matters. KAUAICOFFECOKAUAICOFFEE1KAUAICOFFEE2KAUAICOFFEE3

If you are traveling in Kauai, go down to the south of the island. Its beautiful and along the way there are some fantastic gems that are easy and accessible! The bet part of all is that everything we did was absolutely free! We ended the day by heading up to the north shore into Hannalei and seeing this beautiful rainbow.

Kauai, I love you.



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