Ke’e Beach at Sunset

On one of our last days in Kauai, we went to Ke’e Beach for the afternoon and sunset. Ke’e Beach is quite literally at the end of the road- there is a section of Kauai with no roads, the highway stops and the only way to continue is by foot through the 11 mile gap. This gap is called the Kalalau Trail and takes hikers along the Na Pali Coast. Reading up, Andrew and I learned it take about 3 days of camping and hiking to complete the whole train including waterfalls, beaches and jungle. Its most definitely on our to-do list for ‘next time’. Ke’e Beach is the closest you can come to the beautiful Na Pali coast without taking a boat or hiking. IMG_8475.jpegWhile swimming, if you look back towards land, you end up awe struck by the ginormous mountains in front of you covered in trees and vines and circling birds. (It’s a wonder how anyone hikes it) On the beach there are trees that, due to erosion, have all of their roots exposed so it’s as if they could fall over at any moment. IMG_6501.jpegIts no wonder they filmed part of Lord of the Flies on the beach, it looks about as untouched as any. Yet, it was filled with people, snorkeling and swimming.  It was absolutely incredible.

On the drive, there are many scenic points to look out on and as you get closer to the beach there are streams that you actually drive over. The roads are closed if there has been too much rain causing flooding. Not only that, but about 5 minutes from the beach there is a massive cave that just completely takes your breath away. Its is advised that you don’t go in ( signs that say “CAUTION FALLING ROCKS”) but Andrew and I did… IMG_1101.jpegIMG_1365.jpgWhen the sun began to set it was by far the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. I filmed a timelapse of the earth in action on my instagram and while Andrew watched my phone, I ran around with my mom’s cannon camera taking pictures (first time using it- I was excited). Watching people watch the sunset was almost as beautiful as me actually watching it. You could feel gratitude pouring out of everyone…pure joy. I don’t know the woman in the photograph below but just as I was taking a picture she threw her hands up in the air and let out a huge beautiful laugh.One woman I saw was practicing yoga, a prime time to be doing so.IMG_3238.jpegIMG_8806.jpegIMG_5679.jpegIMG_0937.jpegI’ll be honest though, if you plan on going to Ke’e for sunset, pack lots of bug spray. I was eaten alive by mosquitos and didn’t even realize until a day or two later. Also, be ready to drive back down some pretty treacherous roads in the dark. With no street lamps, the jungle and about 7 one way bridges, the roads become a guessing game of ‘who goes next?’ and ‘is anyone over there?’. If that makes you pause then definitely go for the day. It’s a must see and I will for sure be going back (I have to keep telling myself that).


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