Weekend Travel Movie Marathon!

I love movies. Love em’. I could spend hour after hour, day after day, watching back to back movies and be okay with life. Actually, I’m sure I have. I think it comes down to the fact that I just love stories- and there is no story I love more than a travel/adventure/find yourself story. These movies have changed me to core. Watching these stories had some sort of profound affect on my life and who I am, same as many books and songs and tv shows. So much so, that I am sitting here writing about them!

I thought, since it is the weekend and since weekends are the perfect movie marathon time why not movie marathon my 5 favourite travel movies.

1.One Week:

One of my all time favourite movies. It gives me that cozy home feeling and that life is meant to be lived feeling all at once. A Canadian movie that is very clearly Canadian, it follows the story of Ben Tyler, an English teacher recently diagnosed with cancer. He takes a road trip across Canada on his motorcycle in search of Grumps (which is one of those things you’ll only get if you watch the movie). It is quite honestly one of my most favourite movies of all time and I’m not sure if its because it gives me those warm fuzzy home feelings or those carpe diem feelings but either way it is my number one MUST WATCH.


2. Eat, Pray, Love

Now, I know this is a give in. Its on everyones lists and its known to be life changing- so much so that there is now a book called “Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It” (which is genuis and I will be reading very soon!). I am in love with Elizabeth Gilbert, her writing style, her honesty- all of it. This story takes on a different meaning every time I watch it depending on where I am at in my life, which may seem selfish but its a quality all great story tellers have. The ability to take their story and let it mean whatever it will for the reader or watcher. All in all, I can’t praise Elizabeth Gilbert enough.



3. Into The Wild

I remember sitting in grade 9 English in the first few months of high school, looking at my incredibly ‘indie’ & ‘hip’ english teacher when he said the words “Into the Wild is being made into a movie!”. I also remember everyone in class looking at each other having never read the book nor heard of Christopher Mccandless. English teachers have always been ‘that person’ to me- the ones who breathe life into things that I immediately fall in love with when I never even knew that particular thing existed. They have always been so much more than teachers. Anyways, when this movie finally came out I was intrigued by it all- man leaves absolutely everything behind about capitalist society and becomes part of the wilderness. All I can say is that the film, the story, the man has continued to intrigue me ever since. I have probably watched this movie over 50 times and every time it resonates with a part of me deep within. I can’t explain it, but the story is both painful & beautiful in the most human sense of each word.



4. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

When I think of Walter Mitty I think of art. As wonderful and amazing as the travel story is- the movie is artistically beautiful with vibrant colours and music and characters. It is a motivational travel movie wherein it simply makes me want to see everything.


5. Funny Face

This one is the one everyone will think is a little ‘off’ list. Its certainly not as ‘rugged’ as my other picks but I feel SUCH wanderlust when I watch this. I’ve never been to Paris but I promise when I do, I’ll be singing ‘BONJOUR PARIS!!!’ with the salutes and all because of miss Audrey Hepburn. I always loved how Jo Stockton set boundaries between conquering the absurd to her and what made her heart soar. She was going to see ‘her’ Paris, whether Fred Astair’s character wanted her to or not.




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