Sunday Morning Peace: Creating Space For The Week

Good morning! Sunday mornings are sacred to me, as they are to many. They are the most peaceful time, a time to regroup – in more ways than one. Some attend church, some go garage sale-ing, some practice yoga and some simply sip their coffee a little bit slower. There is no two ways about it- Sundays are space makers. I went through my morning loving every second and thought I would share just a few ways I make space for myself on Sundays.

•Rise & Relax•

I woke up at 6:30 to Luna laying on me and asking for food. The very first place I shuffle to is my kitchen, always. I pour Luna some food and create my first bit of Sunday bliss- coffee. img_2928

img_2935With coffee in hand I usually call my mama and then catch up on reading blogs or social media.

•Creating Sacred Space•

After my (very long winded) coffee time, I start to begin my morning. Creating space I part of the routine. My yoga practice doesn’t quite feel complete without the proper space to do it in.

img_2948I’m extremely ‘scent’ oriented. Candles & incense just make me feel cozier. They create a peaceful & safe feeling. Creating peaceful space for myself always starts there. Then I roll out my (extremely cat fur drenched) yoga mat. I bought my Jade Yoga Mat last year and still love it- mostly because they come in an extra long size, and I am ‘extra long’. 🙂

img_2962img_2963Luna brings the love to the space. She sits and watches while I do all this, usually getting confused with the incense smoke or thinking that rolling out my mat is a game. Eventually though she eats breakfast and ends up falling asleep beside me. She’s never been much of a yoga cat- more a “I’ll nap while you move” cat.img_2976img_2978img_2982img_2965Theres my yoga heaven! Wires, records, Buddha, incense, yoga mat, kitten and all.

•Simple Morning Yoga•

My morning practice always involves a few simple poses put on repeat.


Seated mediation & pranayama. Usually my pranayama is alternate nostril breathing.It balances my out and helps me feel a sense of calm alertness.

morningsequence2Seated Side Bends. Back and forth. Inhaling arms up, exhale over to one side. I do this on repeat for I don’t even know how many times. My sides are always tight and sore in the AM and this wakes me up perfectly.img_2898

Downward Dog to plank on repeat. Not only does have feet and hands on the earth help
with grounding, but transitioning between down dog and plank starts to heat up the body. Not too much- just enough.img_2897

Up dog or Cobra. My spine needs backbends, even though I fear them. These poses are stable and don’t put too much strain on my back muscles. They also get my chest open. Open those hearts in the am.

•A Little Bit of Fun•

In the mornings, after moving slow and taking it easy, I’ve been trying to incorporate a little bit of a fun sequence. Not challenging or out of my reach, but something I don’t practice normally and feels lighthearted. Today was a mini tree pose sequence! Remember if you are trying any of these poses at home, practice to your comfort level. No pain, no pain (as opposed to the ridiculous idea of ‘no pain,no gain’- who came up with that anyway? Pain is pain people!)


 Start by slowly bringing your leg into tree pose on an exhale. I bring my foot into ‘levels’, starting at the ankle then lifting the foot to the shin, then the inner thigh. Safety Note! Do not (please do not) bring the foot to the knee!!! Your knee is not meant to bend sideways, so don’t give it any chance to! From here, let your arms ‘grow’ into your tree however you feel! 🙂 Congrats you are now a yoga tree.

Next I reach down and gently take my big toe between my fingers. If it is accessible to you, bring your foot parallel with your hip crease. Remember to flex the foot so as to not ‘bend’ the ankle in an unkind direction. No sickled feet for you dancers out there!  If this is uncomfortable, find your way-safely- back to your tree.

If the previous pose was stable and comfortable, on an exhale you can begin to fold forward. Give a slight bend to your standing knee and slowly hinge at the hips. I don’t get all the way because I simply don’t have enough room between my tummy, foot and hips! You’ll feel a great stretch in your standing ham string. To come out, bend the standing knee and slowly inhale up. If at any time you feel unstable- remember to slowly make your way out. No falling and knocking noggins on the floor! 


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