Jane Austen Book Club

After watching Jane Austen Book Club for probably the hundredth time one night, I texted my best friend telling her that we were starting our own book club (she had little say in the matter). Since I’ve been out of school I’ve sort of been missing that push to read ‘classical’ things…my yoga & self help books just haven’t been giving me the narrative feel that I want. Summer is a time for light reading for me- I like books that are easy and simple and make me laugh. Fall however, for the past 20 years of my life, has been a season for heavier more meaningful books. For cozying up with a coffee and really ‘digging in’.

We are starting with Emma- I’d never read it before (or seen any of the movie adaptations)- and I must admit, I’m enjoying it thoroughly. My favourite Austen is Persuasion but I think Emma is catching up….


This fall, cozy up and read something you’ve always wanted to read. Create a little book club for yourself or with some friends and slip into a different world, if only for a little while.


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