Yoga Poses to Ease into the Seasonal Change

Seasonal changes affect our bodies & minds in more ways then we, in our busy frantic lives, give them credit for. The transition into autumn, I’m learning, is a big transition and goes much deeper than a new menu item at Starbucks (pumpkin spice for everyone!!). As the heat of summer fades into cool days and the leaves begin to change colour, you can begin to incorporate these yoga poses into your daily practice with the intention of easing the transition. While asana is not everything in yoga, when practiced with intention it can help guide the body into a more balanced and connected state. CHILDSPOSE1.jpgUTTANASANA1.jpgTWIST.jpgBalance.jpgOnly practice these poses to your comfort. No pain!

There are many other ways to ease the toll that change takes on the body & mind as well! Food, routine, self care through cleansing and minimizing, meditation, learning… these are all ways of easing seasonal transitions. Asana is simply one wonderful form!

Enjoy your autumn practice!



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