An Afternoon in Stowe, Vermont

stowe_vt11Recently, my 3 best friends and I took a road trip to Vermont for the weekend. We were looking for a trip that was ‘fall’ themed so we could indulge in apple cider, blanket scarves and beautiful leaves. On the way home we stopped in Stowe, a popular destination for skiers and golfers. It was truly beautiful and quaint- basically how I would picture a real Gilmore Girls stars hollow.

The drive from where we were staying into Stowe was about 30-40 minutes of beautiful fall colours, mountains & blue skies. Stowe_VT1.jpg

Once we got there, we grabbed some coffees (maple lattes to be exact!) at Black Cap Coffee and relaxed a bit. stowe_vt12


Across the street from the coffee shop was a beautiful church with pumpkins sitting outside. I’m not sure if its the mass amount of horror type movies and shows i’ve been watching (because it’s halloween season!) but many of the churches we passed had this eerie yet beautiful feeling to them.stowe_vt5

After we were well caffeinated we took some time to walk around the main street and look in some shops. Most of them were old timey & extremely adorable. The quaintness of the town only enhanced the comfortable & cozy fall feeling within all of us. With fudge, candy counters, beautiful handy crafts, souvenirs & craft beers we couldn’t get enough of the town and spent 2 hours wandering up and down the street.


All in all I can’t wait to return to Stowe, maybe for much longer of a time. It was so beautiful and relaxing before we hit the road to go home! stowe_vt3

Stowe, Vermont.png


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