After the Storm

ats2Its been raining here for three days straight. The rain affects my mood so much- motivation goes out the window. The problem with checking off to-do lists is that they carry a bit of shame when you don’t end up check them off ‘in time’. The truth of it though, is you don’t need that check mark. Theres too much weight put on fake motivation in our society, on doing things to check them off. We expect people to be ambitious, concentrated, head strong and steadfast about accomplishing their goals, but thats not how humans work everyday. There are days when motivation is lacking and that, my friends, is not the same as laziness or disregard or apathy. It is as necessary as the rain is.

Three days I’ve been feeling kind of mellow, just working and then heading back into my comfy pants. Shifting things around in the apartment, preparing for changes. Something I haven’t really done, is check off any of the things on my ‘master to-do list’. I felt agitated most of the time though for not doing so.

Today the rainyness continued and I finally got to a space where I felt okay with it. I cleaned a closet. I watched movies. I ate Halloween candy.

And then the rain went away & I was gifted with this sky.



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