Girls Getaway: Road Trip Style

Recently my best friends and I decided to take a road trip to Vermont to indulge in some apple cider, colourful mountains and blanket scarves! Its about a 5 hour drive from Ontario to VT- not too long, not too short. We were quite nervous that the leaves would have already changed and fallen by the time we went but it seemed that we planned it for the perfect weekend! The leaves were right at their peak, only starting to fall when we were leaving (thank-you mother nature!).

The girls slept over at my house the night before and in the morning we were all up and ready to hit the adventure trail. We all admittedly overpacked (I even brought a paint set…) and stuffed Jackie’s car full with pillows and suitcases. Aside from being asked many questions at the border, the trip was pretty smooth! Lauren had created an Ultimate Road Trip Playlist- which is a must if you’re going road tripping. Music is key friends. It inspired us to lighten some construction workers days with our own interpretive dance rendition of “Mambo No.5”.

Our first stop was maybe just 45 minutes past the border, a charming little shop called “Gasoline, Guns, Guitars & Groceries”. Being Canadian’s, were not used to guns being sold with gasoline, so we stopped. I’m pretty glad we did. img_3357

And then on we trekked. We took the ferry from New York to Vermont which I totally recommend. A little land and sea(or Lake Champlain) never hurt anyone. It also gave us a chance to breathe some fresh air and stretch a little while still technically being ‘on the road’. img_3503IMG_3512.jpg

After the ferry and a bit of driving we stopped in Burlington for lunch. I had the BEST (and i’m not exaggerating when I say this) tomato soup and grilled cheese that I have EVER had. I don’t know if it was my mood from being with my friends and being on vacation or if it was actually THAT amazing of a soup- but either way it was the perfect lunch. AND I didn’t even take a picture of it…will I get voted out of the millennial club? Probably. We then walked around Burlington for a bit. One day I will return, maybe at Christmas because I’m sure its a beautiful Christmas town.img_3750img_3535

The fall colours were so unbelievably beautiful on this drive. We kept getting ‘overly’ excited by the mountains and trees ahead, often screaming NO in disbelief that trees could actually turn that shade of autumn. One thing that always confused people when we would say we were from Canada is that we do have a pretty similar fall- beautiful leaves, crisp air, apples. But its the mountains we came for. The colour would roll up these huge hills on either side of the road and just envelope your entire line of sight. It was magical. As we were getting closer to our destination the moon began to show itself in its full glory. Perched between two mountains, full and bright, it was probably one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.


And finally we had arrived! We booked an Air bnb without realizing how beautiful the place would be. Our host was fantastic too- when we arrived there was a note for us, cider and a chocolate almond loaf! When we had set out to plan this trip we were thinking simple- just a place to crash. This cabin was far more than that though. It truly was the perfect little cabin in the woods and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone looking for a getaway. The cottage is on an small apple orchard that we wandered in for a while and sits over top a hill. In the mornings I would go out and sit on the porch, watching the sunrise and doing my meditation & chanting (and freezing my butt off). I’ll link the cottage here . I would return over and over again.


Our cute little porch



One afternoon we wandered through the forrest near the cottage.
Jackie looked too cute not to include this. Prime fall outfit right there.


The rest of the trip we toured around going to Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory , Cold Hollow Cider Mill, Green Mountain Coffee (my favourite blueberry coffee!!), and walked around Stowe. We also walked around a local SPCA where we fell in love with all sorts of pets we can’t possibly take in and had plenty of hot chocolate, apple cider and coffee. Vermont really is a great state for beverages.


When it comes to girls getaways, it really doesn’t matter where it is, as long as i’m with my sisters. That being said, Vermont was the most perfect place to house all of our Harry Potter marathon snuggling, beverage drinking, tourist being selves. The road trip was well worth the adventure and I can’t wait to see what other girls getaways we go on in the future!



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