Pinner Panto Night

warnepantomine1890A pantomime is a traditional children’s story told in a humorous way, usually around Christmas. For the town where my parents live, however, panto involves costumes, twinkly lights, carnival rides & games, wonderful food, sweet treats and of course, fireworks. This year I was able to attend the festivities and take it all in!

Main street was busy with happy kids and parents crossing the street every which way. The night was lit up by Christmas lights and carnival ride lights. It felt pretty magical. There was a band playing with people gathered around & a cart roasting chestnuts making everything smell absolutely wonderful.

panto_1panto_2panto_10panto_3panto_5We were meeting up with my mum so we popped into the pub to wait for her. It was packed but my our luck we managed to snag two seats and got some cider. panto_6

Once my mum showed up we headed back into the chaos and spent some time browsing around. Many shops were out selling food and goodies with the employees dressed in their costumes. Each shop picks a costume theme and panto-goers can vote on a winner. I’ll link the winners here!


Finally at 8 came the fireworks and it was a fantastic show. I can’t explain in words how magical it felt to be watching fireworks in England- something I’ve only ever done in Canada and Disney.


This couple melted our hearts as they looked in on an Aladdin themed jewelry window. Pinner is such a cozy english town. It’s quiet and safe and seemingly trapped in history. The pub is a wonderful gathering place and the little shops are homey and personal. Its a wonderful contrast to the hustle and bustle of London.

Finally was the Pinner Christmas tree- first lighted on this night. panto_11


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