Edinburgh’s Christmas Market

Alright, instead of posting about each and every christmas market I attend in the UK, I think maybe I’ll just post this one because it has been my favourite. I could live in this market. I was probably influenced seeing as it was my very first time to Scotland and I was swept up in the awe and beauty of Edinburgh itself. However, this christmas market was THE best (and not just because Michael Bubble’s christmas album played everywhere I went).


When we walked in the first place we headed for were the scarves (of course). Beautiful plaid scottish scarves! Alisa bought a big blanket one because it was *freezing*.ed_8ed_7ed_6

Next we moved over to my niche- coffee! Flavoured coffee ground available for purchase at several different booths- I was in heaven. My absolute favourite coffee is blueberry (I know it sounds weird but don’t knock it till you try it). So I bought a small bag of blueberry coffee grounds as my Scotland souvenir. Would have loved to try chocolate orange though!


Wandering around at night was magical. The market was completely lit by twinkle lights and rides, giving it a cozy glow. The sky was a deep blue and we were so happy with the weather we got. It was cold, sure, but as Canadians we’re used to blistering cold with piles of snow. This was more of a crisp cold, making it entirely bearable and just christmas-y feeling enough.


Candies & ornaments & fudge everywhere. It was like I was living in a dream. The food stands were just as amazing. Crepe stands everywhere. Not to mention all the mulled wine and plum cider. Even the bars were lit with fairy twinkle lights!ed_9.jpged_10

The sky line was a beautiful mix of history and modern ferris wheel fun. The lookout we found overlooked the ‘Santa Land’ rides & christmas tree maze. The christmas tree maze was honestly what put this over the edge for me. All twinkling in lights it looked absolutely magical.

ed_skyIMG_4901.JPGIMG_4926.JPGed_slideThis huge pillar we learned was a massive slide for kids to go down!

Up the street there was another smaller christmas market with a huge light castle. We missed the carols & light show that they hold at that one however I read that it was fantastic. Just seeing the light castle was pretty amazing.


This was by far the best christmas market i’ve seen. I highly doubt nothing could top it (except probably Germany’s – the home of christmas markets). We were only in Scotland a total of 48 hours but I convinced myself that I was a lost Scottish princess because of how at home I felt there. It truly is a magical place and a magical time to visit. I recommend if you’re thinking of going- definitely go at christmastime! I wasn’t too busy for the historical tourist attractions plus we had this wonderful night of christmas!






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