Columbia Road Flowers

**WARNING: excessive amounts of flower photos ahead!**

As a former garden centre worker of 3 years, I have a serious love for flowers and dirt. So when my mom mentioned that she wanted to go to the Columbia Road Flower Market on Sunday, I happily agreed. We woke up at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning so we could be there early as she was told that it tends to get crazy later on in the day. We got on the tube at 7:30 and arrived at the market around 9am! It was already bustling and busy after only being open for about an hour. cfm_9cfm_1

Being from Canada, I’m not used to seeing flowers this time of year. Usually, its purely white snow and pine. Here in the UK however, theres flowers all year round!! Despite the cold, the flowers were absolutely beautiful. HUGE blossoms and so fresh. Christmas wasn’t missing from the flower market either. Christmas trees lined the paths before the market and over the bustle you could hear “2 for five pound poinsettias!” being shouted. Real mistletoe (which I had never seen before!) and gorgeous large sprigs of holly were also big hits. Even cactuses in Santa outfits! cfm_2cfm_4cfm_3

Some of my favourites were the iris’ and roses which were so vibrantly coloured it was hard to believe. I found myself wondering how beautiful it would be in the summer months-how the flowers must look then?  On our way to the flower market I even saw rainbow coloured roses and was in awe. Rainbow!cfm_7cfm_8cfm_5There were also plenty of succulents for the forgetful gardener. cfm_6

We didn’t end up buying any flowers but just looking at them filled my garden spirits…hopefully until spring!



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