2017 Intention Setting: Printable Guides & Strategies for Your Next Wonderful Year

quotecardThe new year is a time for dreamers & do-ers. Beginnings are hopeful and full of possibility making it easy for folks to look ahead and map out their every wish and desire. However, it can be hard to keep focus and not get lost in the many ways to ‘improve’. We tend to resort to dreams as ‘fixes’ to our lives. Before I set out on describing my method of intention setting, I’d like to say that you yourself are wholly enough just the way you are, right now in this very year on this very day! There is no diet, workout, yoga sequence, travel guide, class or job that is going to make that truth any more true or false. That being said, humans are a result of process, not perfection, and this is a time for you to set out new habits and goals for your very human process of self. 

As I said, I love reflection- perhaps it’s that I’m an english major, perhaps that I’m a teacher, perhaps that I’m a yogi- either way, reflection very well may be my favourite part of the practice of process. Which is why it makes sense to start with reflection when setting new intentions. Below, is a free printable reflection guide that you can use to write in your moments from this year ( click here for the PDF download). It is important to get a sense of where you are personally after all these 12 months have passed before moving on to setting new goals and intentions.


Looking forward, this new year is full of unbound possibility for changing old habits and creating new ones. By placing your attention onto certain areas of your life, you can start to round out an intention for the direction you would like them to go in. Looking at your 2016 what feelings do you want to carry forward…which ones will you work on letting go of? Was you focus or focuses accomplished? Did they change as the year moved on? What did you accomplish this year that you are proud of (no self deprecation here, be your own best cheerleader)? Most importantly, what/who were you grateful for? All of these aspects of life have ties to different areas, different parts of what makes you, you. By looking at these parts of yourself, I encourage you to find 5 aspects of your life that you would like to shed more attention & awareness on. Thats all- you may not even want them to change all that much- just looking for more attention & awareness in that part of your heart. I did this on a separate sheet of paper in bubbles, with aspects you’ve done well, some you wish to progress, some you think are pipe dreams that may never come true and so on. I ended up with 5 areas- you may have more, you may have less. 

Now that you have your 5 areas of your life with all the aspects within those areas, you can start to create you intention.

An intention is a clear and concise ‘I will’ statement. It is your shout into the universe of what your heart desires. The moment you find your ‘I will…’, the intention begins to manifest itself into your life.

Here is another free printable sheet (click here for pdf) to write out your intentions. What is most important is how you know you will have reached it. How will you feel??Be quite clear on what it is you wish to manifest in your life! This is a sample of a few of mine:


Of course there are MANY ways you can ring-in this new year with new goals and dreams. Some are more visual and will choose to create a vision board while some are so pragmatic that they set out a plan on a calendar down to the dates. Which ever way you are setting resolutions, intentions, dreams or goals this new years, I hope you remember that life is all simply a process. We are never done- when we reach a peak there will inevitably be a valley near by- but we can learn how to continually set these intentions and keep on keeping on!

Have a wonderful new years!!!



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